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5 Reasons To Outsource Online Marketing For Your Company

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The success of your business is directly linked to the success of your marketing efforts. Unlike traditional marketing, online marketing can be a lot more complicated to execute. Without the proper skill set and knowledge, your marketing efforts will not deliver the results you are hoping for. The goal of online marketing is to generate new leads, resulting in new customers and/or sales. However, if you are unable to harness the full power of the digital world, you will not yield satisfying results as such.

That’s why many small local businesses turn to and trust online marketing companies in Toronto to help reach their audience and generate new leads. In fact, many companies see an increase in efficiency and profits after outsourcing their online marketing. Not convinced? Here are five reasons why you should consider outsourcing your marketing efforts:

1.Get Professional-Level Service

When working with an online marketing company, keep in mind that you’re hiring seasoned experts of the industry. This outsourced team of marketing and advertising specialists will have specialized skillsets in copywriting, SEM, web design, graphics and more. Equipped with the best knowledge and software in the industry, they know exactly how and where they can help you add value to your company. Most agencies will even help you develop or maintain your brand voice.

2.Stay On Top Of The Marketing Game

From trends to algorithms, things online will change in an instant without even a seconds notice making it hard to stay on your ‘A’ game. However, thanks to the pros at the online marketing company you outsourced, you no longer have to worry about these changes. Specialized online marketing agencies like ours know how to use the most recent software tools, research techniques, and marketing applications to make your marketing the most effective it can be.

3.Gain An Outside Perspective

Unless you are a marketing company yourselves, we always recommend others to outsource their marketing efforts. Unfortunately, there is such thing as being “too close to your business.” While you know exactly what your business does and all your product’s selling points, you can’t help but be a bit biased. Our consultants will not only help you research your audience in depth, but we’ll also provide you with a fresh perspective meaning fresh ideas and approaches that you may have missed.

4.Reduce Stress And Increase Productivity

As a small business owner, you are often forced to wear many hats–the ‘marketing hat’ being one of them. While professionals can run an online marketing campaign with their eyes closed, for beginners and entrepreneurs, this process can be proven to be quite stressful. Turning to an online marketing company can reduce the stress and burden that has been laid on you, freeing up your time to concentrate on other aspects of your business.

5.Save Money

While you still have to pay for outsourced marketing efforts, the fact is that it is still cheaper and more worthwhile than paying someone to do the work in-house. Not only will you be saving on space, salary and training expenses, you’ll also be sparing yourself from any specialized software and other overhead costs. Additionally, with third-party providers, you can expect a fairly consistent month-to-month invoice, allowing your small business to budget more efficiently throughout the year.

Looking to outsource your marketing efforts with an online marketing company in Toronto? Contact us today to speak with one of our consultants.

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Four Ways to Steer Clear of Potential WordPress Threats

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At the root of the recent hacking phenomenon that wreaked havoc among many WordPress users was just a simple, hidden code for PHP backdoor access. Hidden in the source code for a false anti spam plugin called “X-WP-SPAM-SHIELD-PRO,” this allowed a hacker to create an admin account, upload files, disable plugins, amongst other threatening acts on unsuspecting WordPress users’ site.

It’s almost unbelievable that something as simple as a line of code caused a massive security breach – and that’s why a growing number of users are eager to know what can be done to prevent attacks on their own sites.

As a WordPress user, there are some precautions you can take to protect your site from becoming vulnerable to threats like those reflected in recent events.

Our website audit service provides the support you need when developing a site that is as secure as possible, and we do it by walking you through preventative measures like the ones below:

1.Watch What You Install

Any plugin you install should always come from the official WordPress storehouse. Checking the origin protects you from plugins similar to the one which caused the recent hack.

This plugin was never part of the WordPress plugin repository, but was accessible from another source. You can never be sure if a plugin like this has been properly examined, since this one was far from secure. So, inspection is one aspect of wordpress shops that allow you to know your plugin is secure. Themes are similar in that they too allow backdoor access to your site. Always install from WordPress shops or well known authoritative shops to keep your site secure.

2. Keep Your Site Up to Date

Keeping your site, plugins, and themes up to date is crucial for staying protected from faulty security bugs. As your WordPress version gets older, you increase your site’s risk of security holes that hackers easily access. Update your:

  • WordPress Version: by always responding to the update available banner
  • Plugin and Themes: as security holes leave open access to admin authorities

3. Delete Unused Plugins and Themes

Having plugins and themes lingering when they are not being used is another way for you to have unupdated features behind your site. This increases the likeliness of getting hacked, making the proper deletion of these plugins and themes the most important part of this process.

When getting rid of plugins, they are first deactivated. Though, they must be deleted to be completely clear from your site, so don’t forget this step.

4. Routinely Improve Your Password Strength

The more random your password appears, the better. Often times it can be difficult to come up with an unrelated password for your site, so using a password generator might come in handy. Just because your password has capital letters and numbers does not mean it’s necessarily secure. If the number you use obviously relates to your business, it can be easy to hack. Strings of letters and numbers are your best bet for high security.

Is your WordPress site secure? Our website auditing consultants monitor the aspects of your site that you may overlook. Contact us today at (416) 250-1040 to protect your site from a future security breach.

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Why You Should Prioritize SEO from the Beginning

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Quality SEO search by professional marketing consultants can identify your target group of online audiences, things they are looking for on your website,  and the format they may prefer. These methods can often lead to more successful searches and longer time spent on your site as well as conversions. MIT Solutions is your experienced online marketing consultant in Toronto.

We suggest that you treat SEO as the foundation of your website or project to get the most benefit out of it. Here are some reasons why:

Keywords are your Key to Success

Consumers all around the world based their online experiences off a specific group of keywords on items they are looking, and this should be a priority of focus. SEO content must include the needs and questions asked by the consumers and the most effective to deliver this information is through google. Good content strategies  should always begin with a relevant keyword search. Nowadays, keywords provide a broad view of consumers’ needs and wants. This process allows the marketing consultants to identify the consumer needs and find solutions to fulfill their needs.

Keywords should show a Clear Main Point

Keyword research should give a definite idea for content creation. Searches should answer following important information:

  • Required Information– If the search results for your target offers basic information only, which means you need to understand general concept of your target. Whereas if the results include customer reviews and brand landing pages, then the idea behind the keyword is to create a realistic purchasing decision.
  • Target Audiences- For example, if you encounter highly technical search results, the audience is very likely to be an individual contributor. User intent researches provides the idea on who might possibly be searching for such keywords, which allows online marketing consultants to create their content revolving around the possible audiences.
  • Consumer Experience- Keywords that result in basic and general content are commonly accessed by consumers who are most likely still in their beginning stages, while keywords that offer detailed product contents suggest that these consumers are almost ready for the purchasing stage.  

A thorough keyword search enables marketing ideas to be creative and expanded. Written content will include accurate information and directed to the perfect group of audiences, avoiding the waste caused by realizing these information at the end of the project.

Looking for professional online marketing consultants in Toronto? Call us at (416) 250-1040 for more information.


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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

A blog may seem like an odd way to grow and improve your Toronto business’s online presence, but as online marketing consultants, we can’t recommend it enough. Blogging really can increase web traffic to your website, and if you’re skeptical, read one. Keep reading for 5 key reasons why your online business needs a blog.

Blogging Helps Your Website Rank Higher

Toronto is a competitive market for any online business to compete in. Blogging helps users find your website online much more easily by increasing its rank in search engines like Google. Blogging can do this by indexing your web pages in search engine servers and improving your online authority score. As your website ranks higher, its web traffic increases growing your business’s online presence. An online marketing constant in Toronto can help increase web traffic through blogging, and help you measure your growth.

Blogging Generates Leads

Your business can become an industry authority in Toronto by catering to the right audience, addressing common questions and educating them through blogs. Companies who blog just a couple of times a month generate 70% more leads than companies who don’t. Any online marketing consultant will recommend a concise call-to-action to potential customers reading the blog, to generate leads. A call-to-action can be as simple as asking your audience to subscribe or contact you for a quote.

Blogs Provide Social Media Content

Competing in Toronto without a social media presence is hardly an option. It’s important to share relevant information about your business and your industry with your customers, and marketing consultants concur that blogs are one of the best ways to share this information through social media. Publishing blog content on social media can also help search engines verify credible businesses and help them rank higher for relevant key phrases, resulting in higher web traffic and a growing online presence.

You can also use blogs as content for email newsletters to your customers, informing them of important updates in your business and your industry. A marketing consultant in Toronto can help you improve your social media and newsletter content, and get ahead of the competition.

Web Traffic for Years to Come

It may seem like a dull way to improve business, but when done right, blogging can provide your Toronto business with valuable room to grow for years to come. Addressing common questions and issues in a dynamic and interesting way allows your business to rank higher and higher for common google searches about your industry. Creating a great blog with the help of an online marketing consultant can help double your web traffic. A single blog can drive traffic to your website for years to come.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Toronto is a very tough market for an online business to compete in. Blogging tends to be a common indicator of success in some of Toronto’s most successful companies. Roughly 34% of Fortune 500 companies are actively blogging today! So get ahead of your competition. An online marketing consultant can help you create a successful blog that turns your business into an industry mainstay.

Do you want to expand your business’s online presence? A marketing consultant can help you create a blog that grows your business and increases web traffic. Call us at (416) 250-1040 for more information.

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4 Tips for Exceptional Price Extensions

Extensions are intended to show off prices alongside your products and services. People can scroll through them to see if they like what you have to offer. They serve on Google for all devices and all positions. As long as what you’re selling has a price (even if that price is $0), you can use them. For example, if you offer a free trial, you can add that as your first item with $0 as the price. Price extensions can be set up across brands, events, locations, neighborhoods, product categories, product tiers, service categories, service tiers, and services to help you deliver better ads.

Hiring a marketing consultant can take the performance of your price extensions to the next level. Here are some ways to better implement proce extensions.

Deliver helpful information

As with everything in online ads, you want to deliver a great experience. When it comes to price extensions, that means returning the most useful information for a user’s query.

For example, if some is looking for “AC repairs in Toronto”, it doesn’t make sense to show them all your services in all your cities. It would make more sense to show only the neighborhoods in Toronto.

You can apply price extensions at the ad group, campaign or account level. Say, for example, you are trying to advertise A/C’s in the Toronto area, you could apply your Toronto neighborhoods price extension to your Toronto campaign. It’s important to customize your extensions to deliver the right information to your users. An online marketing consultant, like M.I.T. in Toronto, can help better target your ads, and your price extensions, to the people who will find them the most useful.

Pick the right landing page

Clicking on an item takes people to a unique landing page. You want to ensure that they’ll like where they arrive. That means the price you mention in your extension is prominent and clear once they’re there. You can ensure that all of your ads and price extensions lead to the best possible landing pages, with the help of an online marketing consultant.

Schedule your extensions

If you’re promoting events, scheduling is an important marketing tool. For example, If you want to promote  a one-day concert in Toronto, you need to deliver ads within a certain window of time. So you need to update your price extensions so that this concert is only being promoted during certain times prior to the event.

Another  reason to schedule your extensions is to keep seasonal products fresh and relevant to their seasons. If you’ve recently added a new premium product tier, ensure that’s reflected as well. An online marketing consultant can ensure that your ads and your extensions reflect the absolute latest and greatest offerings on your site.

Follow the rules

There are a handful of obvious rules that need to be followed. Make sure that your items match the type you’ve chosen, and that your descriptions relate to your headers within those items, and avoid promotional text in the extension; you’ve got plenty of other places for that.
Price extensions are joining sitelinks and callouts as must-have extensions. As long as you have prices to advertise, you should implement them in your account. An online marketing consultant like M.I.T. can help you make the most of your ads and your extensions.

Want to learn more about Search Engine Marketing, price extensions, and how you can expand your Toronto business with an online marketing consultant? Call us today at (416) 250-1040.

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Proactive Managed IT Services in the GTA

As the consumer market changes to keep up in an ever evolving, technology-advanced city like Toronto, so do the businesses that cater to the market’s needs. It is more important than ever to leverage technology in a way that promotes the conception of your business, from your latest promotion to the way the market consumes your services and products.

Staying on top of technology can be difficult, which is why more and more businesses in Toronto are opting for outsourced IT services; these services allow you to facilitate cost and operations, dismissing the need for in-house IT support services. With managed IT services in Toronto, your business can stay on top of the latest technology trends, while making use of IT services only when you need it, like software and hardware upgrades for example; likewise, you can use outsourced IT services for emergencies when necessary. Managed IT services allow businesses big and small to persevere without disrupting your company’s organizational structure and overspending in areas where you can save.   

Thinking of switching to managed IT services for better workflow and simplified operations? Learn about the process your managed IT services provider undertakes in creating a proactive management and consulting plan for your business in Toronto:

Review Your Company’s Past

When a managed IT services provider begins working with your Toronto business, they begin by looking into the challenges your business faced in the past in terms of technology to get an understanding your current IT needs; they will also look into how to avoid the same or similar problems in the future. From here, your managed IT services provider can develop a proactive support plan for your business.

Evaluate Digital Investments

Many businesses in the Toronto area operate on basic of digital platforms; so hiring a managed IT service is no longer a long process of digitizing your work, installing computers or switching from paper invoicing systems to digital platforms. Nowadays, managed IT services is more a matter of improving your business’ workflow by placing new and improved technology that your business can use to maximize productivity and growth.

Align IT Priorities

A productive outsourced IT service plan is based on how well it prioritizes your business needs. Your IT services provider for your Toronto business will work alongside with you in incorporating innovation for your business, identifying new opportunities that improved technology can aid in expansion, and refine the strategy to ensure that the technology and IT support services your business makes use of helps achieve your goals.

Enable Remote Access

Most businesses these days operate on mobile on some level; your managed IT service provider also won’t solely operate out of one fixed location. They will have IT technicians on-call for 24/7 support, and they will travel to your business in the event of an IT emergencies.

Increase Security

As small businesses continue to grow and become more competitive in the Toronto market, the need to keep sensitive information secure is of the utmost importance, especially since cyber criminals no longer only target larger businesses for data hacks and ransomware. To avoid this issue, keep your information safe, and help you keep your business running as per usual, your managed IT services provider will keep your systems with the high quality data security software, install spam and email protection, backup your data, and outline a recovery plan in case of a disaster.

Switch to managed IT services for your business in Toronto today, and reap the benefits. Call us at (416) 250-1040 to get started today.

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Paid advertising Search Engines

Optimizing Your PPC Campaign

Finding ways new and creative ways to continue ranking for highly competitive search phrases, and to stay there takes time. The more ways your site can be found outside of the keywords that users type in the search, the more challenging and exciting it is to try to get ahead of the competition.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of those ways. Paid search levels the playing field, giving newcomers and those who need an extra boost a chance to compete with top sites that have enjoyed high organic rankings for a long time. PPC advertising is a great tool to help you come out on top, but it’s not free.

With PPC, there’s the additional challenge of getting the best return from your campaign. To do this, you will need well-structured PPC campaigns that will not just direct the highest possible traffic to your business, but generate leads that convert to actual sales.

Be Active All Year-Round

Many businesses tend to experience a peak in sales during certain times of the year. As such, many advertising campaigns are geared towards bringing in the most traffic during those peak times. From our experience, in order to stay ahead, it is more beneficial to start advertising well before these peak seasons.

Too often, we see smaller businesses that only advertise during their peak season, and then fall behind the rest of the year. The goal of every business is to stay afloat all year round. This is why we recommend not to direct all advertising efforts and budget during just one season or peak time. A good strategy would be to spread out resources and launch PPC campaigns even when it’s not a peak time for your business or even the industry it moves in. This helps you maintain a solid, year-round presence.

Bid All Ways

Many of the businesses we work with think they don’t have to bid on their brand terms when launching PPC advertisements because that’s what SEO is for, but SEO efforts only take care of organic search results. Bidding on your brand allows your business to show up in that prime advertising space on top of organic search results, which increases your chances of connecting with your target audience.

You should also look into bidding on the more generic search terms or ‘wrong terms’. When users aren’t sure exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll enter generic search terms and pick the most enticing results.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Once you get your audience onto your site you’ll still need to keep them interested in your business. When potential customers click on your ad and are directed to a landing page that is confusing and doesn’t immediately show them what they are looking for based on the ad that drew them in, they’re going to leave and proceed to check out other offers.Your ad’s landing page needs to present exactly what your PPC advertisement is promising. It only takes users a few seconds to decide if your page if offering what they’re looking for or not.

A good landing page can successfully convert a user’s visit into a sale. Good landing pages are organized and clearly state your message/offer. These pages need to have a clear a call to action, high-quality images, and all information promised in your ad.

Interested in finding out more about PPC advertising and how it can put you ahead of the competition? Let’s start a conversation by calling (416) 250-1040 today!

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How AMP Compares with RWD

As majority of search is now done on mobile devices, your website has to reflect how well your business packs a complete customer experience on the go, and on the smallest of screens. To support the mobile user experience, two ways of building websites, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) web design and Responsive Web Design (RWD) lead the mobile revolution.

While RWD promotes an integrated, seamless user experiences across devices, AMP web design crafts a user experience that is especially made for mobile. As a business owner in a bustling market such as the GTA, it’s important to weigh your options and decide whether it’s AMP web design or RWD that allows you to give your customers in the digital marketplace the same warm welcome they would receive in-store.


Responsive Web Design (RWD) allows for content, including forms and custom applications, on these sites to be seamlessly consumed and interacted with across different devices as it flows seamlessly on desktops, laptops, tablets, and mobile devices.  

RWD is great for preserving the user experience across platforms and devices. It’s perfect for users who first searched for your business online on desktop, and decided your business was worth learning more about as they moved around, switching to their mobile phones or tablets to continue browsing your products or services, and placing their order. This is the essence of RWD, but what it packs in flexibility and seamless viewing and interaction, it lacks in speed and performance, especially on mobile.

Unfortunately, in order to incorporate and present the same user experience in a seamless, integrated manner across all devices, it sometimes fails to account for different processing components among devices, resulting in slower loading times, higher bounce rate, and lower conversions.


AMP web design is a new way to build websites specifically for mobile. Because AMP sites are created and optimized for mobile, they are the best choice for the mobile user experience and support the market in the that lives, shops and needs access to information on the go using their mobile devices. Since AMP was started by Google, we can take this as a clear indication of what Google considers a good user experience. By adapting AMP into your businesses campaign, you are creating pages that Google thinks will benefit your target audience, thus helping you rank better in search results, and draw in more business.

As AMP continues to evolve and grow, Google experts recommend investing in AMP web design in its early stages to build a site for the mobile user turned potential customer can drive your website to the top of search. This allows you to not merely compete with your competition’s search rankings, but appear on the carousel above them that users see first, and are most likely to choose first.

Want to learn more about how AMP can benefit your organic campaign? Let’s discuss! Call us (416) 250-1040 today!

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Content Marketing

How to Build Your Brand with Pro Content

Your business relies on its website to send out your message to your customers. Employing efficient online marketing strategies in a diverse and competitive market requires making the best use of your website through the content you generate. The right content will draw your market in, but has to be constantly retold in new ways to keep your audience coming back.

Producing good content on your site requires than just getting your message out to your target audience. In our experience, it requires quality, and leveraging good content online helps to bring in leads, start conversions, and close more deals on sales. The standards for what good content is (and how it converts leads to sales) are constantly changing, but in 2017, here are some trends your business needs to adopt.

Content Diversity

Website content isn’t just composed of written text that goes into your blogs and articles. After all, your viewership isn’t entirely made up of readers who will patiently wade through pages and pages of text to find out what you’re offering. In our experience, successful online marketing requires embracing multimedia content creation in order to engage your audience.

Recently, multimedia content, such as videos, are a hit among several audiences. Not only does multimedia content entertain, but it’s also a great way to send out your business’ message. With product videos, tutorials, and FAQs (just to name a few) your audience connects with your brand in a faster and more exciting way, rather than just reading about your latest offers in a blog or on a page.

The best part? Multimedia content creation does not have to cost much, making it very budget-friendly. With the rise of the smartphone technology, shooting videos and uploading them to your channels can be done using with your phone’s camera and mobile apps.  

Real Content for Real People

Online marketing is embracing the principle of creating real content for real people. In-depth content that is properly laid out, can be easily understood, uses clear language and utilizes high quality, inviting images to support the text is now shown to rank and convert well – even better than content that is aimed at ranking well on search, but flows poorly, is haphazardly arranged and reads awkwardly due to excessive use of common search phrases.

Crowd Source and Influence

Tell your customers you want to hear what they think. When you engage your customers in conversations, they become loyal patrons who will form part of your base following. If their experience with your business is positive, they’ll recommend you to their friends and family. Don’t be discouraged by negative feedback. This can help you weed out the issues that are causing negative experiences for your customers, and help you improve your business.

Interested in finding out more about how your brand can succeed with the right content? Let’s start a conversation by calling (416) 250-1040 today!

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Social Network

The Complete Guide to Social Media Measurement for Small Businesses

Many businesses take to social media their latest products and services to advertise these, and connect their brand with an audience. With all the conversations in the digital marketplace happening on social media, it takes a powerful voice to attract a following in the market that will listen to what a business has to say, and see what it has to offer. To maximize your marketing efforts and ensure you’re driving results to your business, you need to assess how your business fares in trending and creating a buzz on these socially-focused marketing platforms. Here’s a guide to help your business get the most out of social media marketing.

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