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Optimizing Your PPC Campaign

Finding ways new and creative ways to continue ranking for highly competitive search phrases, and to stay there takes time. The more ways your site can be found outside of the keywords that users type in the search, the more challenging and exciting it is to try to get ahead of the competition.

Pay-Per-Click advertising is one of those ways. Paid search levels the playing field, giving newcomers and those who need an extra boost a chance to compete with top sites that have enjoyed high organic rankings for a long time. PPC advertising is a great tool to help you come out on top, but it’s not free.

With PPC, there’s the additional challenge of getting the best return from your campaign. To do this, you will need well-structured PPC campaigns that will not just direct the highest possible traffic to your business, but generate leads that convert to actual sales.

Be Active All Year-Round

Many businesses tend to experience a peak in sales during certain times of the year. As such, many advertising campaigns are geared towards bringing in the most traffic during those peak times. From our experience, in order to stay ahead, it is more beneficial to start advertising well before these peak seasons.

Too often, we see smaller businesses that only advertise during their peak season, and then fall behind the rest of the year. The goal of every business is to stay afloat all year round. This is why we recommend not to direct all advertising efforts and budget during just one season or peak time. A good strategy would be to spread out resources and launch PPC campaigns even when it’s not a peak time for your business or even the industry it moves in. This helps you maintain a solid, year-round presence.

Bid All Ways

Many of the businesses we work with think they don’t have to bid on their brand terms when launching PPC advertisements because that’s what SEO is for, but SEO efforts only take care of organic search results. Bidding on your brand allows your business to show up in that prime advertising space on top of organic search results, which increases your chances of connecting with your target audience.

You should also look into bidding on the more generic search terms or ‘wrong terms’. When users aren’t sure exactly what they’re looking for, they’ll enter generic search terms and pick the most enticing results.

Optimize Your Landing Page

Once you get your audience onto your site you’ll still need to keep them interested in your business. When potential customers click on your ad and are directed to a landing page that is confusing and doesn’t immediately show them what they are looking for based on the ad that drew them in, they’re going to leave and proceed to check out other offers.Your ad’s landing page needs to present exactly what your PPC advertisement is promising. It only takes users a few seconds to decide if your page if offering what they’re looking for or not.

A good landing page can successfully convert a user’s visit into a sale. Good landing pages are organized and clearly state your message/offer. These pages need to have a clear a call to action, high-quality images, and all information promised in your ad.

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