Search Engines Marketing (SEM)

A business is as good as the story it can tell. From old marketplaces to the shift towards advertising through traditional media channels, businesses have come a long way in developing their brand’s identity and crafting a powerful story that resonates well with the market. These days, it’s all about catching the digital bug – going digital, participating in a digital marketplace and interacting on digital platforms to reach your market and draw them towards your business.

We’re not running out of ways to interact on digital platforms; quite the opposite, there is an ever-growing number of ways interactions are forged online, markets are created and found, and stories shared by various brands move an audience and create a following out of these meaningful interactions. As a business owner, there is any number of tools at you can cultivate and leverage to share your story, create an opportunity to let your unique offerings rise above the fray, and build a community that loves your brand and will continuously subscribe to it. The question is, what tool do you need, and when do you need it?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Doing business in the digital age starts with getting found. Billions of potential customers just waiting to discover your unique products and services are looking for you online, or are not even certain of what exactly it is they’re hoping to find. But with the use of search engines, they are brought one step closer to what they’re looking for. As such, it’s important that your business ranks first on the never-ending list of options each search query returns

To connect you with your market, your website should properly reflect both what your business uniquely offers, and what potential customers are using to find you online. These are commonly searched phrases they use when looking up your business, or the industry they feel could best provide their needs. When your website is optimized to what your market is looking for, your business has a better chance of showing up as match for their searches, and as such, gives you greater opportunity to capture their interest, draw them towards your business and make a sale out of their simple visit to your website.

Optimizing your website according to what your market is looking for and where they’re looking from requires using content and elements laced with common search phrases in your industry, called keywords. The elements you use, such as images, videos and graphics, among others, should also be tagged accordingly. With the increase in localization, it’s also paramount to look into specific areas your business covers, and target rankings in that demographic. These are leads you can count and sales that count; as such, you’ll need to be seen in areas your business is actively serving.

As a digital marketing service, we go into all these details on your website, tweak every single element and ensure that your website ranks for what it’s supposed to be found for by your market.

Paid Advertising

If you’re hoping to break into the market, or would like to see a surge in your growth, a good way to direct traffic to your business is by using paid advertising. Getting found through a good ranking on a typical search is good, but it’s an ever-changing game, and competition can be tough. Sometimes, you’ll need an edge, and this is where paid advertising comes in handy.

When you opt to do a paid advertisement, your website lands on top of everyone else that tops a search result. Whether you’re advertising your business as a whole, or a hot new product you’re hoping would sell like hotcakes in the market, an interesting, well-placed advertisement will lead more potential customers to your site and give you more opportunities to make a sale. It works this way: when your market looks for a certain product, service, or business in your industry, their search query will give them your business as a top result, thanks to your paid advertisement.

Crafting a truly capturing ad requires creative genius and a good understanding of how the digital market works and evolves. To successfully convert site visits to qualified leads, and then translate these to good business, you will want a digital marketing service with vast experience in running successful ads in your corner. You’ll want people who have a gift in identifying the flavors the market is drawn to, and a certain talent in creating and placing your advertisement exactly how the market would find your unique product or service interesting and worth their time and investment. You’ll want a digital marketing service like ours – equipped with spin, creative flair, proven advice and passion for advertising that doesn’t just get the message across, but ultimately converts.

Traffic Analysis

Putting up a website is the easy part – and it takes great effort and expert strategy to determine what your website is doing that works for your business, and what elements it has that’s affecting how your market interacts with your brand and is ultimately convinced by it. A website effective in showcasing your brand online to convince the market why you’re the clear choice requires constant work and constantly asking the question, ‘how can my digital platform improve in driving my business?’

As a business owner, we respect and admire your passion for what you do. But sometimes, you need a fresh pair of eyes to point out where you can still improve your work and teach you new ways of coming out on top, especially in the digital space. With a thorough analysis of your website, our digital marketing team will constantly ask all the important questions about where improvements can be made and how your digital marketplace can adapt to what the market out there already loves, and is yet to be pleasantly surprised with.

When analyzing traffic on your website, we like determining the relationship between your online activity to actual business that comes knocking at your front door. We determine if there is a direct correlation, and identify opportunities we can maximize in the digital space to give you actual business in your store. As marketers, we understand that not all activity may be relevant, so we like making sure that the leads you get from your website are qualified and translate to actual profit that keeps you in and even ahead of the game. These are the things we ask when we look at your website, determine if it really is good for your business, and how it can improve to give your potential customers the same excellent service we know they would receive when they come knocking at your door.

As a digital marketing service, we’re tough, and we have an affinity for asking only the toughest questions. We’re not afraid of the answers we get, because we know that it takes game changers to ask questions no one else would delve into and dare ask. We know it also takes game changers to answer these questions –  and with our curious eye for detail, desire for growth and creative spirit, we’re never running out of innovative answers.

Google My Business

The local community your business has served for so long knows where to find you, even without a map and with their eyes closed. But how about the new generation that’s yet to experience your offerings as a neighborhood staple? You’ll need to show up in their maps, too, so they can find you.

Having a website is just one part of getting found by the market. Always, the goal is to lead them to your front door and do business with them in your store. After all, there’s nothing like good old human interaction to close the deal. To do this, your customers have to reach you first, and know exactly how and where to reach you. With our days getting busier and lives becoming more fast-paced, your market appreciates having access to important information about your business, such as your location, contact information, store or office hours, price range, accepted modes of payment, and your past interactions with their fellow buyers and subscribers whose experiences now largely influence the likelihood of new patrons coming to your door.

There’s nothing that dissuades a market from finding and doing business with you more than ending up in circles because they have trouble figuring out how and where to reach you. Many potential customers use your business listing on search engines to know more about your core offerings, as well as look up directions to get to your door and how to reach you if they have questions before they decide to make the trek across town.

Working with a digital marketing service like ours puts your business on the map – literally. We’re well-versed in common frustrations of not having enough information on a business listing, and as a fresh new presence, we understand how confusing it can be for first-time customers to come looking for your business if your listing on search engines comes up empty, disorganized or incomplete. When you work with us to manage your business listing, we give your market a pleasant experience even before they arrive at your door.

Online Reputation and Social Media

The conversation is here online, and you’ll want not just to be part of it, but to start it.

Everyone else thinks so, too, and that’s why people take to reviews and social media many of their experiences with and opinions of a brand. No one’s running out of things to say, and all these comments – no matter how short, or espoused even by a user with a small following – matter. The conversation about your brand, all things positive and negative everyone who’s ever come across your business has to say, shapes your reputation. To the typical person coming across reviews and posts about your business, your reputation is everything: within seconds of reading what others have to say about their own experience in dealing with you, they’ll decide whether or not you’re worth their investment.

It’s for this reason that you’ll want expert advice on managing the optics and swaying perception in your favor. You’ll want people in your corner who will rally your brand, help you spark a trending conversation about your business, and face head-on the less-than-favorable comments and situations could inadvertently get caught up in. It’s all a matter of managing the market’s perception and expectations of your business and its ability to supply them with the products and services they need in their daily lives, and are investing in. You’ll want to be reputable, and to appear every bit as capable to the market, as you know you are behind closed doors when you first conceived and set your vision into motion.

With the help of a strong digital marketing team, expert reputation management skills and a strong sense of forming connections to the market, understanding their needs and speaking their exact language, your brand can transform into more than just a reputation – a real service real people trust and would always want to make part of their lives.

Content Marketing

Your website serves as your business portfolio in the digital marketplace. As such, you will want to be certain that it’s equipped with headliners, conversation pieces and the best bits of the products and services that make your business what it is, and what it aspires to be. Your website should be populated with content that draws in your market, keeps them interested and helps convert their visit to a sale you make, and a long-lasting partnership you can create.

Content isn’t just about saying all the right things to all the right people – it entails working with a variety of mediums and switching these up to tell a story, generate leads and close a deal. To keep your market interested and excited about your latest offers, your brand has to communicate clear messages with them in a wide variety of ways.

Digital media is an especially interesting way to communicate with the market to try and influence them with a brand’s message. By mixing videos, blogs, FAQ pieces, tutorials and even downloadable materials your market can take with them on the go, your market is kept informed and engaged with your business. With these, you can keep them up-to-date with your latest offers, and greatly influence how well you are able to convert their visits into qualified leads, and later on sales and good business relationships.

A digital marketing service like ours is filled with content gurus and experts – always, we’re coming up with new ways to create and recreate your brand, pique the interest of your audience and successfully convey the message that they can make your business an integral part of their daily lives.