4 Tips for Exceptional Price Extensions

Extensions are intended to show off prices alongside your products and services. People can scroll through them to see if they like what you have to offer. They serve on Google for all devices and all positions. As long as what you’re selling has a price (even if that price is $0), you can use them. For example, if you offer a free trial, you can add that as your first item with $0 as the price. Price extensions can be set up across brands, events, locations, neighborhoods, product categories, product tiers, service categories, service tiers, and services to help you deliver better ads.

Hiring a marketing consultant can take the performance of your price extensions to the next level. Here are some ways to better implement proce extensions.

Deliver helpful information

As with everything in online ads, you want to deliver a great experience. When it comes to price extensions, that means returning the most useful information for a user’s query.

For example, if some is looking for “AC repairs in Toronto”, it doesn’t make sense to show them all your services in all your cities. It would make more sense to show only the neighborhoods in Toronto.

You can apply price extensions at the ad group, campaign or account level. Say, for example, you are trying to advertise A/C’s in the Toronto area, you could apply your Toronto neighborhoods price extension to your Toronto campaign. It’s important to customize your extensions to deliver the right information to your users. An online marketing consultant, like M.I.T. in Toronto, can help better target your ads, and your price extensions, to the people who will find them the most useful.

Pick the right landing page

Clicking on an item takes people to a unique landing page. You want to ensure that they’ll like where they arrive. That means the price you mention in your extension is prominent and clear once they’re there. You can ensure that all of your ads and price extensions lead to the best possible landing pages, with the help of an online marketing consultant.

Schedule your extensions

If you’re promoting events, scheduling is an important marketing tool. For example, If you want to promote  a one-day concert in Toronto, you need to deliver ads within a certain window of time. So you need to update your price extensions so that this concert is only being promoted during certain times prior to the event.

Another  reason to schedule your extensions is to keep seasonal products fresh and relevant to their seasons. If you’ve recently added a new premium product tier, ensure that’s reflected as well. An online marketing consultant can ensure that your ads and your extensions reflect the absolute latest and greatest offerings on your site.

Follow the rules

There are a handful of obvious rules that need to be followed. Make sure that your items match the type you’ve chosen, and that your descriptions relate to your headers within those items, and avoid promotional text in the extension; you’ve got plenty of other places for that.
Price extensions are joining sitelinks and callouts as must-have extensions. As long as you have prices to advertise, you should implement them in your account. An online marketing consultant like M.I.T. can help you make the most of your ads and your extensions.

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