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4 Ways To Leverage Online Video Marketing To Expand Your Business’ Reach

Looking for a unique and creative way to advertise your business online? Our online marketing consultants in Toronto recommend using video marketing to get your business’ story across. Whether you’re hoping to give viewers the run-down on your business’ history, or want to introduce new product and service features, compelling and engaging videos can help. Working alongside our online marketing consultants, your business can conceptualize, produce, and distribute an award-winning video commercial, that not only encourages loyalty among your existing customers, but also attract new ones.

As the latest trend in digital marketing, video marketing has proven to increase website traffic and drive conversions too. Interested to learn how your your business could leverage this innovative marketing tool to bring in more business this year? Keep reading:

Keep Your Video Short

Did you know that the average online user only waits 8 seconds before determining whether a video is worth their time? While video marketing is a brilliant way to engage with an audience, long winded commercials could result in the loss of your viewers’ attention. With that in mind, your business should strive to create short, informative videos that focus on highlighting the product, how it’s used, and its benefits.

Not sure how to keep your videos short and engaging? Our online marketing consultants in Toronto have the knowledge and experience to help your business create a short, and compelling video that delivers valuable information to your viewers.

Tailor Your Video

When publishing a video online, it’s important to be mindful of where each video will be shared and distributed. Since each platform offers a unique user experience for videos, it’s important to tailor your videos to each platform and its audiences. Aiming to reach the largest audience possible, your business will likely want to publish it on multiple platforms where it can trend and capture your target audience. Whether it be using hashtags on social media or plugging in targeted SEO keywords in the description and tags of your Youtube video, our online marketing consultants can help tailor your video to deliver an optimal viewing experience for your audience.

Maintain Your Audience’s Attention

It should go without saying that the goal of your video marketing efforts is to not only reach a larger audience, but to also maintain the attention of your audience. Rather than pushing a call to action as soon as the video starts, you’ll want to work with experienced online marketing consultants to ensure that the tone and purpose of your video is established within the first few seconds of air time. With the average viewer attention spanning only 8 seconds, these first moments of footage can decisively make or break the number of likes and shares your video generates.

Measure Your Video’s Success

Wondering how successful your video campaign was? Measuring your video’s success starts with identifying the goal or goals of your video. Whether your business was striving to reach a larger audience, or it simply wanted to gather new subscriptions and likes for your page, a quick analysis of your video metrics will give you a rough idea of how well your video performed. The metrics you should keep an eye out for include views, likes, shares, comments and subscriptions.

Need help analyzing more advanced metrics including subscription views, subscription growth, percentage of the video watched and other conversion data? Our online marketing consultants in Toronto can help you better understand and calculate your video’s success and conversion rate. Using this data, your business can then further tailor its video marketing strategy and determine what works (or doesn’t work) for your business.

Ready to leverage these 4 video marketing tips with the help of our online marketing consultants in Toronto? Give us a call at (416) 250-1040 to learn how our experts can help with your next video marketing campaign.

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Proactive Managed IT Services in the GTA

As the consumer market changes to keep up in an ever evolving, technology-advanced city like Toronto, so do the businesses that cater to the market’s needs. It is more important than ever to leverage technology in a way that promotes the conception of your business, from your latest promotion to the way the market consumes your services and products.

Staying on top of technology can be difficult, which is why more and more businesses in Toronto are opting for outsourced IT services; these services allow you to facilitate cost and operations, dismissing the need for in-house IT support services. With managed IT services in Toronto, your business can stay on top of the latest technology trends, while making use of IT services only when you need it, like software and hardware upgrades for example; likewise, you can use outsourced IT services for emergencies when necessary. Managed IT services allow businesses big and small to persevere without disrupting your company’s organizational structure and overspending in areas where you can save.   

Thinking of switching to managed IT services for better workflow and simplified operations? Learn about the process your managed IT services provider undertakes in creating a proactive management and consulting plan for your business in Toronto:

Review Your Company’s Past

When a managed IT services provider begins working with your Toronto business, they begin by looking into the challenges your business faced in the past in terms of technology to get an understanding your current IT needs; they will also look into how to avoid the same or similar problems in the future. From here, your managed IT services provider can develop a proactive support plan for your business.

Evaluate Digital Investments

Many businesses in the Toronto area operate on basic of digital platforms; so hiring a managed IT service is no longer a long process of digitizing your work, installing computers or switching from paper invoicing systems to digital platforms. Nowadays, managed IT services is more a matter of improving your business’ workflow by placing new and improved technology that your business can use to maximize productivity and growth.

Align IT Priorities

A productive outsourced IT service plan is based on how well it prioritizes your business needs. Your IT services provider for your Toronto business will work alongside with you in incorporating innovation for your business, identifying new opportunities that improved technology can aid in expansion, and refine the strategy to ensure that the technology and IT support services your business makes use of helps achieve your goals.

Enable Remote Access

Most businesses these days operate on mobile on some level; your managed IT service provider also won’t solely operate out of one fixed location. They will have IT technicians on-call for 24/7 support, and they will travel to your business in the event of an IT emergencies.

Increase Security

As small businesses continue to grow and become more competitive in the Toronto market, the need to keep sensitive information secure is of the utmost importance, especially since cyber criminals no longer only target larger businesses for data hacks and ransomware. To avoid this issue, keep your information safe, and help you keep your business running as per usual, your managed IT services provider will keep your systems with the high quality data security software, install spam and email protection, backup your data, and outline a recovery plan in case of a disaster.

Switch to managed IT services for your business in Toronto today, and reap the benefits. Call us at (416) 250-1040 to get started today.

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