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5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Blog

A blog may seem like an odd way to grow and improve your Toronto business’s online presence, but as online marketing consultants, we can’t recommend it enough. Blogging really can increase web traffic to your website, and if you’re skeptical, read one. Keep reading for 5 key reasons why your online business needs a blog.

Blogging Helps Your Website Rank Higher

Toronto is a competitive market for any online business to compete in. Blogging helps users find your website online much more easily by increasing its rank in search engines like Google. Blogging can do this by indexing your web pages in search engine servers and improving your online authority score. As your website ranks higher, its web traffic increases growing your business’s online presence. An online marketing constant in Toronto can help increase web traffic through blogging, and help you measure your growth.

Blogging Generates Leads

Your business can become an industry authority in Toronto by catering to the right audience, addressing common questions and educating them through blogs. Companies who blog just a couple of times a month generate 70% more leads than companies who don’t. Any online marketing consultant will recommend a concise call-to-action to potential customers reading the blog, to generate leads. A call-to-action can be as simple as asking your audience to subscribe or contact you for a quote.

Blogs Provide Social Media Content

Competing in Toronto without a social media presence is hardly an option. It’s important to share relevant information about your business and your industry with your customers, and marketing consultants concur that blogs are one of the best ways to share this information through social media. Publishing blog content on social media can also help search engines verify credible businesses and help them rank higher for relevant key phrases, resulting in higher web traffic and a growing online presence.

You can also use blogs as content for email newsletters to your customers, informing them of important updates in your business and your industry. A marketing consultant in Toronto can help you improve your social media and newsletter content, and get ahead of the competition.

Web Traffic for Years to Come

It may seem like a dull way to improve business, but when done right, blogging can provide your Toronto business with valuable room to grow for years to come. Addressing common questions and issues in a dynamic and interesting way allows your business to rank higher and higher for common google searches about your industry. Creating a great blog with the help of an online marketing consultant can help double your web traffic. A single blog can drive traffic to your website for years to come.

Getting Ahead of the Competition

Toronto is a very tough market for an online business to compete in. Blogging tends to be a common indicator of success in some of Toronto’s most successful companies. Roughly 34% of Fortune 500 companies are actively blogging today! So get ahead of your competition. An online marketing consultant can help you create a successful blog that turns your business into an industry mainstay.

Do you want to expand your business’s online presence? A marketing consultant can help you create a blog that grows your business and increases web traffic. Call us at (416) 250-1040 for more information.

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